A Moment to Reflect…


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For me, Sunday mornings are my time for reading and reflecting on my work. I wake up, get my coffee, and read the articles and blog posts I have been collecting all week.

As I started to read and think about writing a new post, I realized that this week felt like it needed to be a week of personal reflection rather than a week to write about and move onto something new. My two most recent posts were about building a positive culture through the use of language and the importance of providing timely, formative feedback to teachers; both of which are fairly meaty when it comes to putting those ideas into practice.

One of the blog posts I was reading was from George Couros. The title was “3 Questions to Promote Innovative Leadership in Education.” The point of the post was to ask ourselves as leaders, what we are doing to model what we want to see in our school? That includes things like taking risks and trying something new. How can we ask teachers to be innovative and creative if we ourselves are not doing the same? At the end of the post, Couros offered a rubric he created called “The Innovative Leader” which seemed to support many of the ideas I have put forth over the past two weeks.

So this week, I am using this rubric and it’s guiding questions to evaluate my current practice and reflect on strengths and areas of development. I invite you to do the same. If we are asking teachers to be reflective, let’s “practice what we preach” and model what we would like to see. Have a great week of learning and leading.

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